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latest Simple mehndi designs 2011

There are many large variety of mehndi designs which are latest and new designs of this current year 2011. Mehndi Art is an ancient art and very widely used in India. Women in India know very well the importance of Mehndi Designs On the hands.
Mehndi is very oldest art drawn on hands in india. Mehndi art is typically reflect cultural value and drawn on bride hands during wedding occasion.normally Mehndi is applied to women hands and feet as per the requirement. People on net normally wanted to have all latest and new designs of mehndi all from this current year 2011 which is very hard to find.That is why we have selected some of the latest mehndi designs of 2011 so that its look attractive and nice on the women hands after applying.Girls normally did not used mehndi on there daily routing but used the mehndi occasionally. bellow you will find some of the latest and new mehndi designs 2011 which are very gorgeous.

The designs which you see above is very latest arabic and bridal Mehndi designs of 2011.These types of mehndi designs for hands and simple mehndi designs are moslty drawn on indian women who are in young generation. These mehndi designs have a leaf patterns which covers the full hands and feet.
Mehndi designs on hands

latest Simple mehndi designs 2011


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